Myrther House

In 1984,  “Myrther House” in Pinetown, was the first South African building to be erected with tilt-up technology.

Innovations in technology now make it possible to lift and move concrete elements of increasing size and complexity, reliably and safely thereby opening up a whole range of possibilities.

La Jolla Women’s Club

In 1912-14, the first building using tilt-up technology, “La Jolla Women’s Club”, was erected in California. Applications of this technique were not wide-spread until the 1930s, when heavy-duty cranes and transit-mix concrete trucks made onsite casting economically feasible. Most early buildings were warehouses. Today the method is used in nearly every type of building from schools to office structures, houses to hotels. They range from single story to more than seven stories and can be more than 30m in height. Concrete panels can weigh as much as 140t.

The system has gained popularity worldwide and by January 1997 an estimated 200,000 buildings had been constructed using approximately 14 million panels in the US alone.

La Jolla Women’s Club
La Jolla Womens Club with tilt-up panel and braces visible. circa 1913