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About Bedrock

Bedrock Group is established in South Africa as the leader in specialist pre-cast concrete and tilt-up construction.

Bedrock also offers crane hire, lifting and rigging services Nationally but their main focus is the innovations and advancements in technology which have made it possible for construction to evolve in leaps and bounds. This evolution has created a simpler and more refined method with which to erect buildings and structures.

Whilst modern tilt-up construction is technically advanced the techniques behind our specialty predates the 1900’s. It was the 20th century which marked the true beginnings of modern tilt-up construction, with concrete and steel re-enforcement at its peak of development and mobile cranes and lifting equipment and procedures allowing more complex and larger scale operations. The benefits are vast and include faster delivery, controlled costs, durability and safety!

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Feedy Needy

Water Shortage Relief Bedrock challenges businesses across South Africa to donate water to Western Cape. Kwa-Zulu Natal, March 14, 2018:  Bedrock Group and Durban based NPO, Feedy Needy, recently loaded …