Feedy Needy

Water Shortage Relief

Bedrock challenges businesses across South Africa to donate water to Western Cape.

Kwa-Zulu Natal, March 14, 2018:  Bedrock Group and Durban based NPO, Feedy Needy, recently loaded and delivered 16 000L of bottled water to the Western Cape.

There are numerous claims that the Western Cape “Water Crisis” is a political move, some even claim the farmers are to blame. The actual truth though, is that this is the worst drought in recorded Cape Town history with Limpopo close behind approaching their own day zero.  The latest predictions for Cape Town are encouraging, through a combined effort, day zero has been pushed back until 2019 but this should not reduce the importance of making our own form of contribution and let us not forget about Limpopo.

“Water shortage is a huge risk to health, sanitation and agriculture. The cycle of decline will not only affect the Cape, it is already negatively impacting tourism, exchange rates and national economy.” Said Bedrock’s GM, David Kitching

“We commend the major efforts the people of the Cape have made to ensure day zero did not arrive in 2018 and Bedrock Group encourages South African business owners to make donations or contribute in their own way to this cause. “

Accept the challenge to contribute.

Bedrock has been involved in the delivery of 16 000L of water to Cape Town during water shortage crisis.

The impact of drought should be taken seriously.
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