Bedrock and Dube Tradeport

 Bedrock is proud to announce the launch of the new feature project in conjunction with Dube Tradeport.

Our latest challenge is to erect a set of “tusks” like those at the entrance of the King Shaka International Airport.

 This amazing process is displayed below.


Panels on Casting Surface, the pre-cast panels weigh a massive 30 tons each and measure in at 12 meters tall. To give you an idea, thats about the same height as a 3 story building.

Transporting the Panels, the panels are secured to the flatbeds of 18 wheeler trucks, ready for transport.

 Connection Detail, here you see the metal reinforcement which secures the panels in their upright position.

Mid-air rotation and the lifting process we call “tilt-up”

Tandum Crane Lift, two cranes are rigged for the “tilt-up” process.

This Installation has to be executed with careful precision and the finished product is well worth the time invested.