Precast concrete is a construction product made by casting concrete in re-usable formwork which is laid out to the size and shape required for your concrete construction project. With this method of construction The concrete is poured horizontally which allows the concrete to settle and cure more evenly, this is a much more controlled method than insitu-construction pouring.

Bedrock Construction specialises in the manufacture of large scale pre-cast structures and elements and we install these precast concrete elements using the tilt up method which is well known for speed and efficiency. Tilt up refers to a method where these elements are rigged up to a heavy lift crane and are then placed on a base for securing with brackets and temporary bracing. Read more about this by clicking here.

This includes precast slabs, beams, structures and pre-cast columns for the civil engineering industry in South Africa.

Examples of elements that can be manufactured pre-cast are:

Retaining walls
Bunding Walls
Utility distribution boxes
Draw boxes
Light pole bases
Meter boxes
Panel vaults
Telecommunications structures
Transformer pads
Utility buildings

For a quote or comparison of the costs for your project contact David Kitching.