Chris James

Chris started his working career in the Merchant Navy, working on both cargo ships and supply vesssels in the oil and gas industry. Here he gained extensive experience in the following fields

Ship handling
Cargo handling

After 4 years of service. Chris decided to leave the merchant navy and join a sailing school as a sailing instructor. Here he taught navigation and seamanship to YachtMaster level whilst sailing up and down the South African coastline.
This led to an opportunity in the yachting industry and in 1999 Chris started a yacht rigging business.
The company specialized in aluminum mast manufacture, stainless steel wire rigging , Yacht repairs and maintenance. With the onset of the global recession, the luxury yachting industry was the first to suffer.


This led Chris to look at other industries for income revenue. He began an association with Greg Kitching, subcontracting for the lifting and placement tilt-up panels and columns. This association ultimately led to the formation of The Bedrock Group.