Sizwe Mvimbi

Sizwe has attained his civil engineering diploma. His experience began with working in construction in 2013, as a junior foreman Sizwe has also gained experience with a consulting firm and …

Richard Hertz

Richard Hertz has been in the construction industry since 1981 and studied Civil Engineering at what is now the University of Johannesburg. He qualified in 1984 and studied further where …

Greg Kitching

Greg studied mechanical engineering at Technicon Natal now called technical university of Durban. During his theoretical studies he trained as a millwright at Tongaat Huletts Sugar , Maidstone sugar mills.

Chris James

Chris started his working career in the Merchant Navy, working on both cargo ships and supply vesssels in the oil and gas industry. Here he gained extensive experience in the following fields

David Kitching

David graduated B-Proc Law at University of Natal in 1998 after which he immigrated to the UK. David has recently returned to South Africa after 15 years working as an expat in the UK and Dubai. He joins Bedrock to structure our corporate governance and to steer the growth and direction of our business.

Vasti Calow

Vasti has 17 years experience in the construction industry, mainly focusing on procurement, administration and stock control functions.

Wesley Riddle

Wesley has gained an array of experience while working in retail for large corporates over the last 10 years, this experience has equipped him for his role within Bedrock where he now assists with business development.

Carrie-Ann Bloem

Carrie-Ann studied Accounting at Techikon Natal, now called Technical University of Durban. She completed her National Diploma in Accounting and went on to become a full SAIPA Member.

Jacqui Fitzmaurice

Jacqui has a Bachelors Degree in Jewellery Design, Manufacture and Fine Arts. Over the last 10 years Jacqui has gained extensive experience in graphic and creative content design and now specialises in online marketing and creative content development.

Sarah Sinclair

Sarah has many years’ experience in administration and is looking forward to channeling this into her new role at Bedrock. Sarah is passionate about what Bedrocks projects and goals and …